WALTR 2 won’t WALTz with my ipad

I bought WALTR2 (and a bunch of other goodies) as a result of the Black Friday deals post, here in the forum.

I had launched WALTR to transfer a video to my iPad, oddly enough it connected to my iPhone. I turned off WiFi on my iPhone, and cycled the WiFi on the iPad. WALTR still would not connect. All three devices were connected to the same access point. After a while I connected the iPad via USB,and started googling for solutions, while waiting for the video to transfer.

Have any of you had this issue with one of your devices?

I have no experience with WALTR but I like the creative topic title!

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A while back, they indicated that if WiFi syncing wasn’t working that one should close WALTR, plug in the device to the computer, open iTunes, make sure WiFi sync was active in iTunes for that device (scroll down on the Summary page), close iTunes, and reopen WALTR. The device should show up through WiFI. It took a few seconds for me, but the device shows up now without being connected to the Mac.

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