Want more icons for Ulysses

Does anyone know a good and safe place to download icons to use with the Ulysses library that will generally match the existing size and color of Ulysses icons? The selection available in the app is limited. And, do you know if icons can be added to Ulysses’s icon folder/database (not sure what to call it)?

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They haven’t been customizable, and I don’t think this has changed.

@MacSparky wrote about this a few years back - https://www.macsparky.com/blog/2017/4/ulysses-version-28

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That’s interesting and helpful. Looks like I have to write the developers and request a few icons. :slight_smile:

As @dfay dfay said, they’re built-in. I contacted them earlier this year to ask for color choices in icons to help differentiate sections and was told that my suggestion was forwarded to the developers, but no promises.