Wanted: inventory/counter App

Does anyone know a good App that makes it easy to keep an inventory of (non-food) items at home?

Some of the things I would like in such an App:

  • see the current number of items (example: 50 face masks)
  • easy to decrease the number of items by 1 (by tap/swipe)
  • easy to reset the number of items after a purchase (example: set back to 50)
  • sync between iPhone and iPad (and possibly Apple Watch)
  • modern interface
  • no ads
  • no subscription
  • paid / single IAP is fine

For tracking food I use the excellent FoodShiner. Something similar would be great!

(I know I could use FoodShiner for non-food, but somehow I’d rather separate the two categories)

Shortcuts + Data Jar could do this for you. Maybe even just Shortcuts although I think it would be easier with Data Jar added.

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True, but I seem to dislike shortcuts, a lot…

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This two may not meet all your needs but they are good apps.

Sortly immediately wants to sell me a €499,99/year subscription…


Orca Scan could work for me (thanks!), though I still hope I find something simpler.

PS: they both require an account; I’d prefer a local (iCloud sync) solution.

  • (not local) Airtable’s app has an okay free tier and a good QR scanner integration in the iOS apps
  • (local) https://www.tapforms.com/ - did support QR codes natively when I tried last time, but I did not like the UX
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I ve been using MyStuff 2 Pro for ages (‎MyStuff2 Pro na App Store). Although it isn´t a modern app anymore, it´s minimally mantained, syncs by iCloud and is non-subcription.

Maybe it could be all you need.


Thank you for the suggestion.

Do you know how to add multiple items of the same kind?

Somehow I’m only able to add unique items, with a count of 1.

I have never used Airtable before, but this might be a good reason to try it out!

You also triggered me to re-think my approach; maybe a simple spreadsheet might do…

You can add the attribute “count” for every category. That way, when you add an item, you can add how many you have.

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Dang, I didn’t realize it was that much. :grimacing: Sorry about that.

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Orca Scan immediately demands we set up an online account in order to use the scan data. Delete. I assume it is free because it is consolidating user scan data to sell to marketers.

I did not like the account set up either.

Man, I’m picky…

This App is exactly what I was looking for, except for the fact that it does not sync between iPhone and iPad:

This one does sync, but via a regular file and that seems unstable: