Wanted: Reusable Checklist for an boring job

I have started to create a list within Obsidian, with Reference to my GTD.
I also started to do a kind of (for my dimensions) Heavy Linking there, by creating Backlinks towards Omnifocus, DevonThink, Fantastical, and so on.
This is pretty boring, and I have to do a lot of App switching, to finish this on every single entry.
To not forget something, and due to my profession, I am thinking about using a checklist, to keep track if I have set all links.
A paper checklist will probably kill our CityWood, a laminated one, will become quickly a mess, if I have to remove my markings over and over again.
So I wanted to have one, preferably on my iPad/iPhone.
The problem, if I create just a Tasklist on that, depending on the used App the Task vanish after I check them, and I have to rewrite the list over and over again.
I would like to have a Checklist, where I can set my Checkmarks, and after I finished the list, remove them again as easy as possible.

Has anybody an idea, how do I get something like this running?

Thank you, and GoodNight

I have a checklist as a template in TextExpander, and simply type the abbreviation for a fresh copy.

Yes, a few seconds after I hit the “send” Button, this came also in my mind!
I will try this tomorrow, and see if this works for me.

If you are a Gmail user you can reset a checklist in Google Keep with a single click.


Is that a checklist for a checklist? :laughing:

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How about Drafts?

You can create a draft with your checklist to serve as a template, and a Shortcut to create a new draft using the text from that template draft. You could also use an automation to fire that Shortcut at a given day/time. For example, M-F at 8am.


If you use NotePlan, you can create a template that is the checklist you need.

Then whenever you need to restart your checklist, create a new note with the template and check away.

I do this when packing for trips. When the trip is done I just delete the trip-specific note, and the template is still there for the next time.

Why not create a checklist in Apple Notes? Before starting the job, simply make a copy, use it to check off all items and then discard the note?


I had the exact same problem last year and ended up fixing it by writing an app specifically for repeating checklists.

It’s called DoRepeat.

Checklists in DoRepeat automatically reset themselves once they are completed. So instead of the unsatisfying process of unchecking all the tasks again, you get a nice little celebration. Plus, since it is a separate app, it doesn’t clutter up my other spaces (like my Drafts library) with temporary checklist files.

Give it a spin and let me know what you think! I’m currently working on version 2, so I’m grateful for any feedback from y’all :blush:


Apple Notes also has an option to untick all the items in a list (note that a header within a list splits the list as two separate lists). Tap on any line then tap again to get the action menu, scroll to checklist and then select the option. You can untick all, tick all or delete ticked.

Apple Notes Checklist

Hope this helps.


EDIT: I moved my topic into “Tech Support”, it might be better placed there.

Great app. I love the playfulness – and the simplicity!

So of course I’m going to suggest ways of complicating it. :joy:

Some of my check lists have sub lists as it were. So a packing list might have one section for clothing, another for computer gear, etc. subheadings would be great.

I’d love a URL scheme to open a specific list – that way I could put a link in my task manager and open the list there. Even just a url scheme to open the app would help save some taps.

But those would just make it more useful for me. Overall, I really like it and expect to keep using it anyway.

On the App Store page: I always prefer images that show me more of screenshots of the app itself and less of borders, marketing text, etc. My guess is that’s also a matter of taste. Oh, and the video cuts are kind of quick – hard to tell what’s happening in the app for an oldster like me.


It might be worthwhile checking out https://www.chainlist.com/. It’s web-based, but might meet your needs.

Thanks for sharing that, and it could be a valuable tool for someone here around, but
I in general don’t like Applications that are “Cloudbased”, “Internetbased” or something like that. I like it, if the App resides on my Mac or iOS-Device, and I get at least a kind of control about if and when doing an update, and/or which informations are shared, or which level of access I give to someone by using his application.
Which leads me to the major point, why I would not use this Application: There is no contact data (besides an E-Mail-Adress), no Information who is getting my informations, or where he/she resides.
And for me, this is an absolute No-Go in nowadays.

I didn’t know that, I learned something new. That feature is a bit hidden! :slightly_smiling_face:


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