Wanted-Siri Shortcut action to quit apps

I need to quit a couple of apps, if they’re open, before I open another app. These apps seem to interfere with the working of the app I want to use. I know there is an action to open the app, but I don’t see anything to close an app. Is there one (or is there a workaround)?


I’m curious to hear how they interfere with your app, as on iOS apps run in their own sandbox, do technically would not be able to interfere with eachother. Can you elaborate a bit more?

This is, to some degree, speculation. I have one app, Headspace, that uses the audio output. You set a timer for the length of the meditation period and, frequently and without any pattern, this app will pause. This seems to not happen when I quit another app that I use for audiobooks, Bookmobile. As I say, though, this is intermittent so it makes it difficult to determine if “competition” for the audio output is the cause.

Another interesting thing is that if I use the volume up or down on my wired earbuds while running Headspace (or Insight Timer, another meditation app), it starts Bookmobile, pauses the meditation app, and changes the volume on Bookmobile. If Bookmobile is not running, changing the volume on the earbuds while in the meditation app will start the music app to the last song and change the volume on that.

Even though the apps run in their own sandboxes, they do use a common audio output. I’m thinking that if there is a way to use a shortcut to quit Bookmobile (and any other apps that use the audio), then start Headspace, that might solve the problem.

Hope this is clear.

Have you contacted the headspace dev about this? Sounds like an app issue?