Wanted: syslog-ng viewer for iOS

Which App can view syslog-ng log files on iOS?

(I plan to host those files on a Raspberry Pi at home which I make remotely accessible)

(If I find none I need to remote SSH into that Pi and use The Log File Navigator on the Pi itself)

You can scp or sftp the log files from the Pi to your Mac and then read them locally if you like. The most recent version of lnav runs great under Catalina (I haven’t moved to Big Sur yet, so I can’t say how well it works there). I downloaded the executable from https://github.com/tstack/lnav/releases/download/v0.9.0/lnav-0.9.0a-os-x.zip , unzipped it, and moved lnav to /usr/local/bin. Before you can use it in a Terminal window, you have to right-click it in the Finder and choose Open to get past the signing check, from then on you can just type “lnav” in a Terminal window to use it.

Oh yes, I already installed lnav via Homebrew on my Mac.

But I would prefer to (also) have something on iOS devices for “on the go”.

Maybe setup something like this ?

Looks nice!

However, I want to inspect text messages (only) to debug a flow on my Homey.

You could use the query section in Grafana, or use the log viewer in Chronograf to filter the messages you want. Or maybe this might help? Serial Studio . Then again, maybe not!