Wanted: time zone App



What I use & recommend is World Time Clock. Wrote a bit why I like it here and direct download is here


I use this app every day. Does everything I need for simple checks and if it’s more complex I use the meeting planner on timeanddate.com which is absolutely awesome. No guesswork!


I use the app Date and Time calculator by Thomas Tsopanakis on my iPhone. It’s got a lot of day and time functions including time zone calculations. I’ve never used those so I am not sure how they work.

I use Date Ranger parts to calculate due dates for the sheep so I can plan lambing.



If it is not too much work, could you please check whether it only allows cities or also generic time zones, like “PST” or “CEST”?


It’s weird, time zones are not listed as such Here are some screen shots
The entry screen

The next screen to select the to time zone


Thank you for checking!

Interesting that GMT (and not a city) is used in the first screenshot.


Possibly because GMT is GMT year round, and BST is BST year round - and countries switch between the two of them. Most places add “summer” or “daylight” to their time zone in summer instead.


Have to admit I had to look this one up, which shows how confusing time zones are to me.

(And why I need an App/website to help me)

Actually, the first confirmation (earlier today) of the March 25 Apple event mentioned PDT, which I had to look up as well…


Thank goodness for technology! I don’t know how many mistakes for times were made before we had apps to do our mundane calculations. I guess there was much less remote meetings back then.