Wanted: time zone App

Looking for a time zone App with the requirements below. Tips?


  • universal (iPhone and iPad)
  • large set of cities (at least containing Cupertino)
  • all time zones (like CEST, PST, etc.)
  • select a date/time in one city/time zone and calculate date/time for all others
  • properly taking care of difference in daylight savings (US vs EU)
  • support for (screen size of) new iPhones (X range) and iPads

Main use cases:

  • determining when an Apple event starts in local time (city: Cupertino)
  • determining when maintenance on a (US) service starts/ends in local time (any US time zone that I’m not super familiar with)

Timee is a useful website for this. I use an app called Time There to help me find the right times to record Automators with David, it can only show two time zones at a time though. I have seen an app in beta but it’s very early and I’m not able to even say the name or the developer yet!

And while this isn’t the app you are looking for, I really like Klok as a widget to easily check the time elsewhere vs where I am.

I’d love to know what other people are using!


Wouldn’t Apple’s World Clock function in the Clock app fit your needs?

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(How) Can it do this?

  • select a date/time in one city/time zone and calculate date/time for all others

For example, I want to set the date/time to March 25, 10:00, in Cupertino, to find out when the next Apple event starts in my local time.

So that’s not “underscore”?

David has tweeted about his new time zone App and mentioned it in his podcast “Under the radar”.

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It is! When I first heard about it hadn’t been talked about, and I’m a bit behind on my podcast listening :slight_smile:

Ah, only one new contender then… (not two)

Not an app, but TimeAndDate has many varieties of calculators for this sort of thing.

For example

If you set the time for any of the cities (or any others you add) then slide the red slider at the bottom – click the image to see it – they will all change in tandem. Available on any browser – and there’s a TimeAndDate app that has that slider feature too – $2.99.

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Not bad!

Unfortunately it’s cities only, not time zones.

So if a service mentions maintenance starts at 22:00 PDT I still have no clue…

So, the announcement doesn’t name the city location, just the time zone? That would seem odd, but probably happens sometimes.

Maybe Google “PDT” and see a map?

Yes, that works, but I’d rather prevent that step, if possible.

My solution to this is always just to Google “11 am pdt to local time” or similar and let Google work it out for me. Not sure if that will work for you—I’m sure you could set up a shortcut or similar to do this from the share menu, for example.

For time zones I want to use frequently I have various shortcuts set up using the timezonedb API. I like this because I can reuse them to, for example, adjust times for OmniFocus.

And if you were working across the same multiple time zones frequently I would second @RosemaryOrchard’s Klok recommendation. In addition to showing the local time you can adjust the time in one of the time zones and the others update too.

I remember a Belgian company disappointed a lot of their customers once because of this, they didn’t realise Central European time and Central European summer time use different abbreviations, and Google didn’t say “oh, but Belgium is in summer time right now” and as such, the customers missed product releases and the products were sold out. One reason I prefer cities usually :slight_smile:

Not that this adds to the conversation per sae, but something to keep in mind!

And in some cases, time zone abbreviations are not always precise: CST can mean Central Standard time in the U.S. and China Standard Time in some contexts.

I think it’s best to find a city in the zone(s) one is looking to calibrate to one’s home zone – a one-time search – and then use any of the apps or sites mentioned.

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Yeah, I would be wanting to double-check if it was something important. I tend to prefer cities too and this is (I think) the only option in the API.

Usually if I’m resorting to Google it’s a US time zone I want to convert, it’s not super-important, and I imagine those are typically fairly reliable.

World Clock by timeanddate is a great app that should tick most of the boxes. They also have a Meeting Planner app that is great for international teams. It even keeps track of National Holidays and other non-working days.

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Same one that was mentioned above. I agree.

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Google searching 10am cupertino in brussels seems to do the trick, at least until an app comes to light :slight_smile:

Indeed. That’s why I don’t like it when service providers use them, but they do…

For example 1Password:

Or Remember the Milk:

I do like it when they include a time zone converter themselves, like Remember the Milk (also) does:


I’d like to chime in for this app I use:
synchronize by Solv LLC

The thing I like about it is that you enter a list of cities into the app, then tap on one city, and there’s a slider at the bottom. As you slide the time, the rest of the cities time moves. So, once you slide to your require time, the cities display all the correct time for you.

(sorry for the low res. I tried to use a video to GiF converter and it gives lousy result. Any good app to recommend for Video to GIF?)