Wanted: (WebDAV) Cloud music player with local storage

Due to an issue with iOS 12 Beta 10 I had to restore my iPad. One of the Apps I use, Eddy, could not be restored because it is no longer available in the App Store. So I need an alternative.

What App can play (MP3) music that is stored in the Cloud (Stack) which is accessible via WebDAV?

Bonus points if it can store all music from a playlist locally.

I’m looking for a universal App (iPhone & iPad). Preferably with a modern/minimal UI. I’m willing to spend some money on this (to get rid of ads), but I would not like a subscription for this kind of App.


If you have a Synology NAS, DS Audio is a good one.

No, I do not have a NAS.

The music (live recordings, not available via Apple Music, Spotty, etc.) is on Stack, which uses WebDAV.

Unfortunately most of the players I tried only support (a subset of) the usual suspects (Dropbox, Google Drive, One drive, Box, iCloud), but not WebDAV.

This one looked quite OK on my iPhone:

Unfortunately I don’t like the panels/animations on the iPad (where I need a replacement), but the UI is already better than what Eddy offered and this one is still available, so I will use this for now.