Warning about latest (1.2.0 (6)) ScanSnap Home software update

I use “verify and save” to save scans outside of the ScanSnap Home folder. As of this update, the save location always defaults to ScanSnap Home folder rather than the last folder saved to.

I’ve sent a complaint to support.

This wouldn’t be much of an issue for me but for another problem – scanned files are missing some metadata (I guess) that allows Hazel, or even Spotlight, to search inside, totally breaking my scanning workflow. If the file is opened by anything, here the “verify” of “verify and save” but even Preview will do, then searching of contents works. I’ve just complained about this to support as well, since they killed my workaround.

Fujitsu had me call them and we set up a TeamViewer session, so I was able to show them the issues. Hopefully they will be repaired.

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Thank you for the heads-up. I wasn’t going to update Scansnap Home anytime soon. Now I’ll wait.

Home is less useable than the previous app. After slogging through Settings and the help files I’ve got it working to my liking. I do not want to mess it up.

Except for this setback, they do seem to be improving the software (but not the license terms!). The latest update puts an icon in the menu bar where you can select the scan profile much like one used to do with the non-standard use of the dock icon.

The software gets both better and worse every time they touch it. I really like the scanner, but I wish I hadn’t updated to this last version. They screw around to much with everything so I had to go through all the settings in multiple places to get everything back to the way it was, so that all my Hazel rules works again. Now I have a red exclamation point on a useless icon in the menu bar because the new software doesn’t understand its own power management features.

I would pay for a third party app for this scanner.

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Amen Eorlingur! I now can no longer wake the scanner up over wifi by pressing the scanner button and waiting 10 seconds. I have to click the button on the scanner, then click on the menubar item, click “Open Scan Window” and then wait for 10 seconds for it to detect the scanner. Just updated to 1.2.1 and hope that this gets fixed, but have to wait a few hours since there is no freaking way to get the ScanSnap to go asleep on its own. Any ideas on getting the ability back to scan via just the button? Any way to revert?

Installed 1.2.1 update and the issues I had with 1.2.0 are still there. :weary:

I installed an additional update the other day and at least they have updated the icon. The scanner seems to work as before now as well.

FYI VueScan works with most Fujitsu scanners, I use it with my hardcore fi-4530C feed scanner, and since VueScan version 9.6.26 it works with ScanSnap S300/1100/1300 so I use it occasionally with my S1300i

Just want to say that the bug I reported 11 months ago was fixed with the latest version (1.7.0) of ScanSnap Home. It finally defaults to saving to the last location.


Just wanted to say thanks for all the info you have posted on the ScanSnap upgrade. It has really been the thing keeping me from upgrading to Catalina. I’m still put off by the licensing change on a piece of hardware I bought long ago been locked into one Mac. Funny thing is I have no reason to connect it to another Mac (until I upgrade machines) but the concept just rubs me the wrong way.
Similar to when I had to buy a new Keurig coffee pot and found they had DRMed the K-cups. It was such a turn off, that it sits in my attic now and I went back to a regular coffee maker.