Was going to read MacStories iOS16 Review until I ran into this

I pay for MacStories figuring I’m paying the three of them for interesting content including recommendations of more apps to spend my money on.


If you add the article to Pocket (the read later service), it’ll save everything in one long scrollable page.

Came to say the same about Instapaper. (Its “Text View” mode also succeeds at pulling all the pages, just in case you simply want to read it there in the browser rather than save it for later.)

Consider that a regular paperback book requires you to “click next” roughly 300-400 times, just to read it once! Oh, the humanity! :wink:


Yes, and I just wouldn’t bother!

It’s usually done not because the review is unwieldy (browsers could handle it, and there are better ways to reveal content on scrolling down if that’s a concern.)

It allows MacStories to display 16 sets of advertisements.

Glad I’m not the only one.
Never read one (entirely). But he must be describing each and every button in detail to get to such a long ‘review’?

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I agree this solution is not the most elegant
Since these reviews are very long It’s always difficult to navigate.
I find the other options to go through the sections of interest to me are much easier to navigate.

section → paragraph → done

These are, I feel, the important points. I found this year’s review a lot more manageable and yet still chock full of useful information. I thought in previous years there had been a Table of Contents with links to each of the pages, but there doesn’t seem to be one this year. It’s not just split into 16 pages for the heck of it. You could consider it 16 separate sections.

And if you bump the top of your screen, you’ll only scroll to the top of that section, not all the way to the top of the entire review.

Everyone can make their own choices, but I doubt you’ll find a shorter review that will give you the same appreciation of what Apple have delivered.

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Just wait for 2 Part ScreencastsOnline episodes and their tip videoa. It will cover what you will need to know.

Granted, but there is something different about sitting with a Mac, or even an iPad and needing to click through and having pages reload, versus a smooth, scroll for highlighting and annotating a seamless PDF. I’m not sure I can articulate exactly what that difference is, but it feels fundamentally different than sitting with a paperback book and turning a page.

More than likely. I wasn’t commenting on the business model. I just don’t like the click through process on a webpage for reading a long article. However, the suggestions by others of sending the article to Instapaper or similar service may well solve my problem. That said, I listen to plenty of their ads on the podcast so they are certainly getting my eyeballs and ears. :blush:

I tend to purchase their monthly membership once per year in September as a support for their work on the annual reviews. And I have to admit that their reviews are unique and have always supplemented my knowledge of the new OSes in one way or another. That said, I do have pet peeve on multiple perspectives, such as the style (too much UX nuances, few high-level observations and technical comments as seen in John Siracusa’s OS X reviews), the format, and the aesthetics (I find the annual attempts to put screenshots in various 3D renderings distracting and of bad taste).