Was going to read MacStories iOS16 Review until I ran into this

I have an intense aversion to reading stories that require me to do so by clicking “next”, as shown below. I decided to read the MacStories iOS 16 a review but stopped immediately upon running into the “next” button. Sixteen click “next” buttons to read the review? No thank you.

Am I alone in my aversion to this design?

iOS 16 The MacStories Review - MacStories


The review is very long. I think it would be unwieldy as one long scrollable page. I don’t mind the next in these situations. I hate it on the scammy ad filled garbage pages that just want you to keep clicking to view more ads. Macstories is not that kind of site.


Yep, completely understand people like that, but no thank you. Now give me a John Siracusa macOS review and I will read that like a book (skimming to the important parts).

It’s not the next button that is the problem, it’s that it’s that long. At least for me. iOS updates aren’t that interesting.


I don’t like it if it is designed as click bait. But I can generally identify those sites.

But if it is used to divide the text into logical sections I have no problem with it. I think of it as turning a page in a book.

Let me add a bit of context. I prefer to create PDFs of long articles for reading and annotating on my iPad. Multipage web articles make this impossible, though one can “annotate” the multiple pages using Quick Notes or other app.


Depending on how the paging is implemented.

I‘m absolutely convinced that a little JavaScript and CSS bare will allow for paged display on a computer screen and continuous display in print (not saying that macstories does it that way though).

FYI: There’s a fully interactive EPUB version of the iOS 16 review available to Club MacStories Members. You can join for as little as a month (US$5) to gain access to this and other members-only content.


Thanks, that is good to know, but, given my overall aversion to subscriptions of most types, I do not see myself paying $60/year, especially since I’d probably only read 2-3 articles a year. I’m admittedly cheap that way. :slightly_smiling_face:


But isn’t the content the most important part? Sure it’s not optimal for you, but if you care about their review, seems like it would still be worth reading. Or am I misunderstanding?

Absolutely, and I do pay subscriptions, e.g, WSJ, Harvard Business Review, and a few others but I would not get enough value for my needs from a $60/year MacStories Club subscription. That said, I thoroughly enjoy and profit from what Federico writes and his podcasts.

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Yeah, definitely not for everyone. He basically covers every change large and small. It’s written in the spirit of John Siracusa’s macOS Reviews, which he sadly stopped doing.

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I think you could subscribe for only a month if you just wanted to access what’s currently available, including the iOS 16 EPUB.


Federico actually scaled it back a lot this year. Previous reviews were in the 20 something pages and 30-40k words.

I can understand why he’s broken it into pages. Otherwise the load on the server could be massive, this spreads the load a lot.

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I stopped reading Federico’s reviews because they read like a technical manual. What I’m looking for in a review is an overview of what’s going to be important for me. I think we have John Siracusa and his old OS X reviews on Ars to thank for this “long OS review” trend, but no one’s ever been able to match John’s knack for making the details interesting.


If that’s the case you might want to give this year’s review a try. They’ve been getting less “technical manual” the past few years.

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I agree. I’ll wait a couple of weeks then search for “ios 16 tips and tricks” on YouTube. The last feature that excited me was the Files app.

:woman_shrugging:t4: must be new 'around here" Macstores has had that review style for years… and the reputation of being thorough

and like other mention (at your own personal discretion) being a member many ways to digest the big review; i remember years in the past it was audio book LOL

I think @Leeabe51 meant that if the content is important, then denying yourself simply because you don’t like that it is spread across multiple pages is nose cutting/face spiting situation?

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Oh that audiobook. I do not want to hear that voice ever :rofl:.