Watch 4 or Edge-to-Edge iPad Pro?

A riff on Convince me why I need an Apple watch but with a different twist. Now that Apple has announced it’s There’s more in the making event for October 30 – where new iPad Pros will likely be announced – for owners of both Watch 3 and current models of iPad Pro – if you decide to buy only one or the other, Watch or new iPad Pro, which one will you choose?

  • Apple Watch 4
  • iPad Pro Edge-to-Edge

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iPad Pro Edge-to-Edge has, ahem, the edge for me. I use the device far more than the Watch. As much as I like the Watch 4, I’m fine skipping an upgrade.

Same here, pretty much. My Watch 2 is lousy for Siri, but that’s not enough to tempt me to upgrade. If I were a billionaire, sure, but alas I am not.

OTOH, my iPad mini 2 is getting old and slow.

On the other other hand, you know, the iPad mini 2 still works and in the last six months I’ve bought an iPhone XS and MacBook Pro, so maybe Tim Cook has enough of my money this year.

On the other other other hand, if Apple surprises us and comes out with an iPad pro in the Mini size, I’m jumping on that.

Let’s see, this product cycle I have bought (or plan to buy)

A second HomePod
A 44mm Steel Apple Watch 4 for me
A 42mm Series 3 Sport AW for me (workout watch)
A 40mm Hermes Apple Watch (Christmas gift for the wife…)
3 38mm AW Sports as gifts for various folks.
A new iPad Pro for me, to replace my original iPad Pro 9.7 from 2015.

Todd can you add me to your holiday list? I’d like the next gen iPad Pro, please.