Watch 5 charging cable acting goofy

Since January the charging cable for my Watch 5 has been plugged into an Anker PowerPort and charging my watch overnight with no problem until a couple of months ago. Then the charging cable refused to charge the watch even though it appeared to make a good connection. It would take maybe 10 tries before making a successful charge connection. However, if I plug the cable into a different USB hub, no problem charging. Could the Anker PowerPort be dying? It charges everything else plugged into it (typically only 1 or 2 devices or batteries at a time)? Or has anyone else had a problem with the watch charging cable?

I had to replace a cable which was never moved, but all of a sudden only worked intermittently. I tried a few things but it seemed to be the cable. Replaced it with another one an it worked fine.

Try plugging your watch cable into a plug charger for a couple of days and see if it’s better.