Watch Complication with Current Calendar Event?

I’m trying to create what I’m calling an “intentionality” watch face that will display my current calendar event - which for the work day will be either a meeting or a “time block” (a la Cal Newport) telling me, “this is how I have planned to allocate this time.” The Calendar complication changes to the next event shortly after the beginning of the current event, which doesn’t help me.

Do any of you know a calendar app whose complication will keep displaying the current event until it ends?

Many thanks!


I use Fantastical. I can’t recall 100% but I remember seeing the event I’m partaking in on my watch at all times during said event.

Might even be an option in their watch app.

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I tried this but at some point during the current event it switches to the next event. I have an email in to their customer support to see what’s possible.

Any other ideas?



I use Calendars by Readdle simply for their Apple Watch complication. I use Fantastical as a daily driver, but the Calendars app complication like this is the happy medium for me. My favorite is the colored horizontal bar that will move to the right and fill in as you are entering the end of that event. I will note that it is occasionally buggy, but I’m using the free version and can’t complain.


Thanks for suggesting Readdle’s app. I gave up looking for a watch calendar that would help keep me on track when I’m time-blocking.

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I made a bespoke complication using Widgy

My complication shows the next three calendar events (including the current one), and their timings.

Widgy is sufficiently flexible that you can make almost any complication you can imagine. Also works for iOS widgets.

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As a sidenote, I think Widgy deserves more attention on MPU.

In terms of power & flexibility, it is to widgets and complications as Keyboard Maestro is to automation.

Now that…is cool. :sunglasses:
Something something a few characters.

Thank you for the Readdle recommendation! I suppose if I want to call myself even an aspirational Power User, having three different calendar apps in play (Fantastical as main calendar, but the stock app and Readdle’s app for widgets in different settings) is acceptable.

And wow, Widgy looks COOL! I’ve got to find time to check it out…

Thanks, everyone!