Watch face automation only for unlocked Apple Watch(es)?

Can you only automatically set watch faces for unlocked Apple Watches?

Reason for asking:

Automation worked fine on my Apple Watch Series 3 (changing faces at 7:00 and 23:00; I use a “day face” and a “night face”), but I recently bought an Apple Watch Series 7 and started wearing both of them (the 7 is now my “day watch” and the 3 is still used as my “night watch”, though only for sleep tracking). Now it looks like the watch face only seems to change on the watch I’m wearing at 7:00/23:00 (while I would like to have it change on both, preferably even to different “day” watch faces).

(the workaround will be to not change faces, but only change watches…)

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I think you can. I’m fairly certain my automation has changed it while my watch was on the charger

I’m pretty sure mine has changed whilst locked too.
I wonder if it’s something to do with the watch on your wrist getting set as the primary watch and the automation not working on the secondary watch?

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The problem might indeed be using more than one watch rather than a (single) watch being (un)locked.

In automation I can only select a face I think, not a (particular) watch?

I also think that this is down to Primary watches. I tried to use 2 watches in the past (Day watch and Night Watch) But it never worked consistently regarding Sleep or activity tracking.

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I had a shortcut to change watch faces in the morning and at my nominal quitting time. It almost invariably required me to tap something; if I didn’t, or I missed the alert altogether, it didn’t change.

Then after the most recent watch update, it started going off (and asking me to confirm) every time I ran any shortcut, usually before the other shortcut ran.

Way too buggy to rely on, in my experience. Obviously other people have no problems.