Watch Face/Complications Setup ideas

Hi all… I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. I’m wondering if anyone has any good watch face/complication ideas to share? I like a good functional watch and I try and put 2 watch faces within one swipe of each other and put all the things I like to use on at least one of those to watch faces… Anyone care to share their set up with some good ideas that seem to be working?

Thanks :blush:

I went through a lot of iterations trying to do this, so the results are idiosyncratic: two Infograph Modular faces.

Face 1 (primary):

  • Large Fantastical
  • Messages, Music, Castro, Weather (Dark Sky or Carrot before iOS 15)

Face 2

  • Large HeartWatch
  • Workout, Drafts flagged view, Activity, Dexcom (diabetes app)

I have a third face but I haven’t found enough that I want to view on a face as opposed to just opening the app. I tried remixing some of the other complications but that started to become disorienting. Two Infograph faces looking very different from each other visually and content-wise keeps me oriented.

I also tried the Infograph with eight small complications, but a large one was better for glancing. Plus, Modular was the only complication-heavy face where the digital time overlaying an open app was in the same location as the time on the face. Hoping more apps will develop their always-on views so that’s not as much an issue.

Again, though, I got there by noticing friction in my personal use and making small adjustments to match my real needs and usage patterns.

Thanks for that… I like some of those ideas. I’m the same way it just takes trial and error but it should be so simple yet it’s not!

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I had very minimal faces for a long time – years. Several months ago I changed direction and went all-in on a very packed Infograph set of complications. This one I really enjoy. It’s like a dashboard – all I need to know in a glance.

Note: on the left side of the image “Activity Steps & Distance” is provided by Pedometer++ which reads the activity / health data.


This is great… thanks for the ideas !

I use 2. One of them is very similar to one above (by quorm). The other is for nights - just time and alarm. I use shortcuts to change them at every sunrise and sunset.

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I have Sleep configured for a consistent bedtime, so when that time comes, Sleep fades the daytime face to black – if I wake and touch the screen it shows only the time in a dim digital face and nothing else. So I don’t need a nighttime face.

I use three faces. My work face:


All apps here are stock, except for Home Plus in the lower left.

My workout face:


I keep the Workouts app as the top subdial, and of course the swoosh opens Nike Run Club.

My evening/unwind face:


I’d like to use the Mindfulness app more than I actually do, but at least it looks nice and reminds me to go into unwind mode for the evening.

I have these set up in Shortcuts to change automatically. The work face starts at 8:00 am, the Workout/Nike face comes on at 4:00 pm, and the watch switches to the Mindfulness face at 9:00 pm.

I’ve occasionally experimented with other faces, but I keep coming back to these three.


Is this Watch OS 8 beta, perchance? I have no idea how to add all the complications to the face of the watch.

It depends on the Watch’s face. I don’t remember when Complications started. Probably around OS2. You can press your Watch for a few seconds and tap edit. You can see what kind of stuff you can add. I suggest you start with Modular as it has the most complications you can add.

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I have three that I usually switch in-between.

One for working out.
For cooking.
And my default is, Modular which shows my calendar appointment, weather, and Bear Notes.

exactly my set up, though I have mine switch at time - 9PM.
Earliest and latest sunrise and sunset have a spread of about 4 hours each through the year which makes it unworkable.

Hi there, I like your watch layout ! Can I ask how you managed to extract steps and distance from your activity app, I’m struggling to work that out ! Thanks

I use two watch faces.

Work Days:


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Sorry, I should have been clearer.

On the left side of the image “Activity Steps & Distance” is provided by Pedometer++ which reads the activity / health data.

Many thanks for getting back to me. I didn’t think of that I do have Pedometer ++ but haven’t used it much. Now I’ll have a go though !!

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