Watch OS 5 issues

I just got my new Apple Watch and of course it came with watch os 5. When I send a text via iMessages, the “send” button is gone and sometimes it can take several minutes to send. Am I missing something? Did Apple really take away the “send” option? Is there any way to tell the watch, “I’m done composing the message, just send it now?”

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Thanks @Wolfie. I’m tapping on the microphone and doing voice dictation. I used to hit “send” with watch os 4 when I was finished, but now I can’t do that. Three times today it was literally faster for me to pull my phone out of my pocket and re-type the message than for me to wait for it to send from the watch. IMO, this is a huge step backwards. I have the cellular version too. And is it just me or did they take away the animated smileys and hearts and other emoticons. I can’t find those anywhere either.