Watching ripped dvds on iPad

I posted this msg back in 2018
And was able to get a bunch of documentaries transferred to my ipad using WALTR.

I did watch some of them, but it’s been a while (over a year now). I can’t remember which app to use to watch them now :slight_smile: (2020 has been that bad)

Googling for an app references the Apple Videos/TV app, neither of which are on my iPad now.
I’m currently using iPadOS 13.7

Looking in the App Store, the only TV app is Apple TV which isn’t what I need.

Where can I find the app to watch the videos that I’ve already copied to my iPad? :slight_smile:

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I’ve used the VLC freeware app. It reads most video formats. I can use safari on my Mac and connect to VLC on the iPad to wirelessly transfer files from Mac to iPad.

It’s not an issue of transferring them. Like I’ve stated in the original post, I used WALTR to transfer them, but I can’t find them now and cannot find the app to play them (the TV app)

Did you accidentally uninstall the TV app? Maybe re-download it?

I’ve put all video’s I download (podcasts) or rip (dvd’s) in Plex
That way I can watch it anywhere on any device.


Typically, if they have been formatted into the same format as what Apple uses, then the Apple TV app should handle this with no issue. If you formatted into a format that Apple does not utilize then, the aforementioned VLC player usually work.

I doubt it- at least not intentionally.

It’s not in the app store, Don’t know where to reinstall it from. I don’t know where you can reinstall any of the built-in apps from. Is it even possible to delete a built-in app?
Additionally, it looks like all of the documentaries I had copied to the ipad may be gone too.

Again- getting them to the ipad isn’t the problem. The videos were already copied to the ipad over a year ago. The TV app is not available to watch them

That’s not the issue here. I’m not going to setup a server.

I’ve already watched some of these videos, I know they were formatted correclty.
However, it was over a year ago that they were copied, and I don’t remember how I watched them. Is it possible they got wiped out when I upgraded form ios12 to ios13?

Why don’t VLC or iTunes play these files for you?

Here’s a good commercial option.

Because itunes is garbage. The old TV app which I believe is what I watched the videos with isn’t visible now.

I’ve launched VLC but don’t know where the vidoes are located on the ipad. Ihad more than 10 documentaries there at one point, but only watched a few.

I just checked here…the files I transferred are in the Apple TV app under “Downloaded” videos. Hopefully, your videos are there as well.

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there is no “Downloaded Videos” option available in the Apple TV app. I didn’t always have the Apple TV app though, I’ve only recently installed it after buying an Apple TV app. There must have been another app that I used when I first watched the videos.

I"m guessing that the 10-15 documentaries I had transferred 1-2 years ago were deleted when I updated from ios12-13.

I assume you referring to the Apple TV app and not the original TV app ?

Can you check ipad storage to see where they are taking up space? I’m guessing there would be an app associated there.

You may be right. They may be off the iPad. I believe WALTR only places them in the Apple TV app…:slight_smile:

The other place we have checked for missing video was in Settings/General/iPad Storage. If the files were large, you may be able to see the app taking more space…:slight_smile:

I hope you find them.

I personally have never heard of an upgrade wiping out files that way. I guess it really depends on how they were “brought over”… via cable or wireless sync. Hard to know.

I think WALTR only works via USB, but I may be wrong.
I still have the mp4s on my Mac, that’s where they originated from after Handbrake transcoded them. Still, I’d like to find out if they are on the iPad on not.

I’ve looked under storage, nothing under the Apple TV app, and no other movie/video oriented apps with any amount of GBs of usage show up.
I suppose I could have deleted them, even though didn’t watch all of them, but I don’t know why. I have plenty of unused space left, even if I downloaded another 50GB of movies.