watchOS 10.4 small map/directions display upgrade?

Hey everyone,

Quick note. … Is this update (10.4) the first time maps show the ETA on the watch itself?

It’s the first time I’ve noticed it and I think it’s great!

I remember wishing it was displayed (and it wasn’t) and now it is.

Was it perhaps always available and I just had not “turned it on” as an option?

I rarely remember to mention the small changes that just make the OSs that bring “sparks of joy”… and I think this was one.

Another tiny upgrade, that I STILL smile about (and that we’ve had for YEARS) is when the pull-down and search (mostly for an app) in iOS changed from making one backspace or hit “x” to clear the previous search and start over, to highlighting the old text and merely typing erased the old search and let one start fresh! … This allows me to clear a search that’s gone awry, usually due to a typo!

I don’t think I explained that iOS one well. It’s late … Will look at it again soon and may take another go at it!

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