WatchOS 5.1 Update Problem

There are some reports on Twitter, Reddit and MacRumors that the WatchOS 5.1 update could brick the Apple Watch, especially Series 4. Maybe it’s a good idea to delay the update until we have some more information.

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Updated my Series 4 watch before seeing this thread. Just happy that I didn’t get bit with this issue. I was also lucky that the download over WiFi trick worked so the upgrade was quick.

Can you share the WiFi trick for loading watchOS faster?

I didn’t see this until after I updated, but my series 4 updated without any trouble.


Thanks for the fast response Joe.

MacRumors has an article about this issue now. They also write that the update has been pulled temporarily.

My Stainless Steel Series 4 was bricked by this update… Its stuck with a white apple on the screen. I called Apple and they can either send me a shipping kit or I can take it to the Apple Store to have it shipped out for repair. It seems I’m gonna be without it for a bit. I’m considering buying one and using the 14 day return period to return it when mine comes back (I sure hope it doesn’t take longer than 14 days!)

Fortunately, it took my Apple Watch/iPhone some time to download the update. After finishing the download, it failed to install - apparently because Apple pulled the update.

So, I am stuck with a download I am not willing to risk the installation of a possible faulty download when the update will be available again. Just to be secure, I deleted the download manually following these steps:

If the update file has already been downloaded (but not yet installed ), follow the steps here to remove it: On your iPhone, in the Watch app, go to: My Watch (tab) > General > Usage > Software Update - delete the download .


Hopefully, everybody affected from this bug will soon get up and running again with the Apple Watch. Fingers crossed!