watchOS 7.6.2 battery life sucks

I used to get up at 5:00am, put my watch on, and have 60+% left when I took it off at 10:00pm or later.
Now I’m getting the 10% left warning at 6:00pm, even before my workout.

I had a similar issue with my apple watch 4 a couple of os’s back. I can’t remember exactly what I did to fix it, but I think it was repairing it with the iPhone combined with a watch os patch.

I’ve been running OS8 beta on a Watch 5 and getting good battery life, especially as it neared the official release date. Try doing the update now that it has been officially released.

have you tried rebooting the watch? that seems to do the trick for me after updates


Installing watchOS 8 resolved the problem.
Could have just needed a reboot too.
Thanks for the suggestions!

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