Watchsmith complications don’t update

I’d really like to use Watchsmith, but the complications just seem to get stuck and don’t update. Rebooting the watch refreshes them all, but only until the next time they get stuck. I have tried all the things I can think of, uninstalling and reinstalling, opening the app on the watch, hitting the force sync button on iPhone app. I have the latest watch and a XR, so I think the hardware should be capable. I guess I’m just wondering if others have had similar issues, or if it’s just me?

I believe this is a limit to the file transfer API on. I had similar issues but I also use a Series 3 GPS so I’ve gone to just using stock apps since the storage is so small.

Have you tried contacting the developer to ask them about this issue? They’re fairly responsive.

I imagine you’re right; I’ve also had problems with other third-party apps, but never so severe. I have contacted the developer , and they were sympathetic, but couldn’t really offer any help. I’ve given up on it for now; hopefully with a new version of the OS or better hardware down the road data transfer will get easier, and I’ll try again.

When I tried using it it seemed to work for a couple days then stop. I’ve heard from other developers how hard it is to transfer data to it so I’ve always assumed that’s the issue.