Waterfield Sutter Slim backpack

I know there are a lot of folks around here who are fans of Waterfield bags as am I, although at present I have only the Bolt briefcase.

I am looking at the Sutter Slim Backpack for everyday carry. I nearly always have an iPad Pro 12", but often also a 16" MBP, which according to the website this bag can accommodate.

I was wondering if anyone has thoughts / opinions to share?


I have this backpack and use it daily as my laptop bag with a 15" macbook pro. There looks like there would be enough room for the 16" MBP. I also have the airporter which I use when I travel because it can hold both laptops and everything I need on the plane. I have one of the tech pockets which holds the power brick and the USB C cord. It moves easily between the knapsack and the airporter.

Their bags are top notch and just awesome. I actually stopped by the factory in SF to buy the knapsack and tech pocket - Gary himself took care of me while I was there.

No experience with their backpacks, but I think their bags are terrific and a great value. I have a bag on order now, but unfortunately they are shut down and it looks like June 1 is the earliest they will be allowed to open again. They are still taking orders and are offering free shipping for orders placed while they are shut down.

@scotte: Thanks. I think I will place the order. I am looking for a bit more stylish and compact backpack for EDC, and according to the website it handles the 16" MPB. The airporter is also a nice bag (I recall submitting comments when they were designing it) but a bit more than I want to carry…when I travel I often use a larger GoRuck back. I too keep my cables and such in a bag, but I have gone the “cheap” route of buying some zippered pencil cases at Staples which I use as cable bags.

@GregJones: I agree. SF bags are extremely well made. I have the Bolt briefcase which is a great bag, but I want a backpack mode bag for EDC to keep the load more symmetrical on my back, especially with the heavier laptop.