Watermark PDF tool

Google Docs user trying to find a workaround for placing watermark on my docs - the image transparent idea doesn’t work bc it will fade your watermark but it doesn’t append it to the background so that you can type over it. I’m def not willing to switch to MS365 sub for this one feature so I need additional tool to complete my workflow

I looked online for something I guess typing in PDF cue spam police

My requirements are simple (OFFLINE) tool that I can have my custom logos/watermarks added to my PDFs to cut down on thieves once uploaded to my Wordpress site…

Theres many lawyers on this forum so I’m hoping you all can help thanks in advance

I usually put image or text box watermarks into the header, but make them large enough to cross the entire page. But that’s in MSWord. Cant say if the same will work for GDocs. Also, I remember finding an AppleScript (I think from Katie Floyd) that water marks PDFs.

At MacTrack Legal a couple years ago, Katie Floyd recommended this:


welp that gave me the push to finally update to Mojave - thanks that tip worked

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thanks that was good suggestions except can only do text based watermark not image