Watermark section missing from print dialog

Hi all, I’m trying to add a simple “DRAFT” watermark to a PDF. This isn’t something I do frequently, so I don’t have (or want) a dedicated tool. My googling indicates to me that there is a way to add a simple, text watermark from the Print dialog.

But I can’t seem to find a Watermark section of the Print dialog in any application I’ve tried so far. What am I missing? Any other suggestions for this?

I see this:

but if you’re doing ‘save as’ pdf and not actually printing I don’t think you have that option.
I have printopia installed and can print to that using the settings and create a file, but that’s an additional cost.

I believe it is (mac)OS dependent. Are you using Ventura?

(That is what the support article references)

Right. I don’t have that section in the Print dialog. Mine goes straight from Paper Handling to Printer Info. I’m on Ventura.

Yes. I’m on Ventura in the Print dialog.