Ways to Store Pictures While Using Draft as The Primary Note-Taking Tool?

As Draft for Mac becomes mature as a standalone product, I’ve been using it as my primary note-taking utility across the platforms, migrating back from Apple Notes. I overall feel at home for its plain text environment, as I personally prefer plain text to formatted text and pictures. However, I can’t control what format others use, and that can be a problem when I receive content from others that can’t be properly stored in Drafts. Yesterday I received a meeting schedule from my colleague in the form of a screenshot, and I literally spent quite a while determining where to put it — longer than the time needed to manually type the information.

Any suggestion on dealing with such edge circumstances? How do you meet the need to save picture-formatted information from time to time while adopting a plain text-based note-taking system? Thanks!

I use Bear for this but you might have luck asking folks on the Drafts forum for their ideas. The developer is also active there.

I use Drafts to write all my notes, but I don’t use Drafts for storage. For storage, I just use the finder (and iCloud in particular).

i’d suggest either doing the same or creating a mirrored structure of tags/smart folders/workspaces both in Drafts and in the Finder (or whatever multi-purpose file system you end up choosing.

Drafts has a preview mode for markdown notes, and you can insert markdown-form image links into the text:

![anchor text](imagesURL)

So if you had folder where you store images, dragging them out of an email or web site, then an Automator action to put the file URL for the selected file on the clipboard, you should be able to kludge together a workflow to 1/save image file, 2/get URL, 3/paste image link in the document, and then use Preview in Drafts to view the “rich text” version of the note: ⌥⌘P

Google “macOS Automator get file url” for several options for the “get URL” step. And, @tjluoma suggested, check the Forum for Drafts. E.g.,