Weather app on iOS 15, better?

Is the weather app on iOS 15 a big improvement over iOS 14? I like the stock weather app except that when I want to go to radar it essentially takes me to a webpage to the weather channel. I like CARROT Weather but it is very difficult for me to justify a $40 expenditure for a subscription weather app. Any thoughts on the weather app and iOS 15? If it is not much better, aside from CARROT Weather which I know everyone raves about, is there a second best that you would recommend that does not require a subscription?

I don’t use radars but my favorite weather app is Hello Weather. It is very minimalistic, just works, and looks like the paid plan if you want radar (which appears to be right inside the app) is $2/mo, $13/yr, or $45 lifetime.

+1 for Hello Weather.

Carrot is still my favourite. I wish Weather Line wasn’t shutting down because that had my all-time favourite design.

I wouldn’t say the weather app is a big improvement on iOS 15 but I think it’s good enough. The only reason I subscribe to Carrot is because it has an option for BOM data which is more accurate in Australia

Have you tried the Weather Underground app for radar? Don’t know if it’s subscription or not.

Yes but that is one ugly app.! :rofl:

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Oh I’m with you! Maybe use the stock app for the forecast and nice widget and squint while opening Weather Underground for the radar. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


One thing that doesn’t get mentioned enough with all apps, especially in the weather category; privacy.

Weather apps are notorious for tracking data and they’re not the most wholesome of companies. John Oliver did an entire segment on this a while back. Weather: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - YouTube

I’d install as few as possible and try to balance it between the most accurate and the one stealing the least amount of information.


If radar data is important check out RadarScope. I think it’s still $9.99. It offers in-app purchases for additional features but I’ve been using it for years as is.

Thanks, I’ll check it out!

I’ve been playing around with Weather Strip:

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I forgot to mention It’s a great weather site and IOS app. Free with in-app purchases.