Weather app & widget recommendations for macOS

Does anybody have any recommendations for a good weather app for macOS? The thing I’m looking for is an app with a radar feature/widget. Carrot’s macOS app is (self-described) as a bit outdated, which makes me not want to spend the money on it if it isn’t being actively developed.

I use Forecast Bar. Good interface. Informative. Reliable.

I don’t think there’s a widget. (Big Sur widgets are meh, anyway.) The menubar app is better than any widget can be.

(Also, Forecast Bar is part of the SetApp subscription.)

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Another one for Forecast Bar.

I also use Forecast Bar as a part of my SetApp subscription. Pretty accurate. Good radar feature. You can customize the interface somewhat.

Ooo, Forecast Bar looks pretty awesome. Thanks for the recommendation everyone!

IMO, the most important feature of a weather app is its source of weather data. “Garbage in, garbage out.”

Perhaps I’m missing it but I could not find the weather source that Forecast Bar uses. Does anyone know? That is a critical piece of information that appears to be conspicuously missing—or I’m just overlooking it.

Its selectable, Dark Sky or the Weather Company(IBM)

Thanks. I obviously missed it.