Weather calendar subscription options? (wunderground broken)

For a long time, I subscribed to a weather calendar published by Weather Underground to incorporate daily forecasts into my calendars.

But this stopped working several months ago.

I’ve done some trouble-shooting and as best I can tell, Weather Underground seems to have killed off this service. The URLs that you use to use to subscribe, such as and variations thereon no longer work.

Does anybody have Weather Underground calendar subscriptions currently working?

If not, does anybody know of any alternatives that put weather into your calendar (especially for iOS?)


BusyCal has deprecated its reliance on Wunderground for weather displays in the calendar, and now uses Dark Sky. Here is some info on the Dark Sky API.

Good luck

Katie :sunny:

You can get a weather calendar feed for a free Google Calendar here, then subscribe to that calendar in iCal.

I find singular weather forecasts to be too subject to change in NYC, so I just use an iOS app instead of depending on something placed in a calendar. The best iOS app (best forecasts, best overall UI) that I’ve found is Hello Weather, which is free, but I pay the yearly ‘fan club’ subscription of $6.99 because it gives me a pop-up that lets me choose (and compare!) forecasts from Dark Sky (which I already own), the Weather Channel, AccuWeather, and AerisWeather. I find its 60-minute view to be invaluable when I’m outside, and, at least in NYC I’ve found that WeatherChannel extended forecasts tend to be superior.

The following screenshots are from the main screen of the app a few moments ago:

I made this one that uses OpenWeatherMaps. It also adds a icon like :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::sun_behind_small_cloud::sunny: to your calendar, and works for iOS and every thing else that supports emojis.


This is awesome! Thanks!

Looks awesome mate. This is something I have been looking for a while.

Couple queries

  • what is your source of weather data
  • what is your privacy policy (I am not sure if you get access to location data etc) but I thought I would ask.

The app referred to the Weather company as a source with the subscription. Are they using that terminology to refer to the weather channel?

Hi @MereCivilian

  • Source is OpenWeatherMaps
  • I have Google Analytics on it, so only getting an approximated location, and can then from the URL see what is being called. Like ?city=London… But planning to remove Google Analytics again. Not really using it and would prefer not to track people.