Weather complication

Any recommendations for a Apple Watch weather complication? Currently using Dark Sky but not pleased with it and looking for something better.

Try Carrot it provides a lot of weather information and is easy to use.


Seconding Carrot, in the settings you can control what the complications should do/look like too. And if you want a second weather complication (with different info), then the Carrot Fit app can help you there too!

Carrot still uses the Dark Sky API (iirc), so if it’s the forecast you’re not happy with that won’t improve :slight_smile:

You can choose from a variety of sources, I’ve even added my Netatmo at home so when I’m at home it uses that :slight_smile:

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My issue isn’t with the source of the data. The problem I’m having is the complication shows incorrect data and doesn’t refresh until press into the complication revealing the app. What about carrot, does it keep the complication current?

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Carrot has a premium tier (well 3, I don’t remember which one includes this), that includes much faster updates on the watch complications.

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