WeatherGraph, my favourite weather app and the best complication on my watch

Is anyone here familiar with the app WeatherGraph? I was surprised when it went unmentioned during the recent iOS roundup episode, and even more surprised that there’s no mention of it on this forum. I meant to post this when when the episode came out, and Weathergraph has only improved since then (quite a lot, actually!). Is anyone else familiar with this app? I was kind of surprised it wasn’t on the MPU radar, given that it’s made by a lone indie dev doing one thing very well.

I used to use Hello Weather because of the iOS widgets, but Weathergraph has singlehandedly changed my perspective on presenting weather information. Instead of segmenting forecasts by hour or day, the app has a beautiful visualization of the forecast that can include a tremendous amount of information using icons and colours. If you get the subscription, there are a ton of viewing options that are endlessly customizable (temperature graph, rain and snow style, wind style, humidity & dew point, UV index, and atmospheric pressure can all be shown in various ways), and lots of flexibility for the window of time you want to view based on context (6/12/18 hours or 1/1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5 days). I also really like that I can receive Foreca notifications for weather events—living in Alberta where the weather can change on a dime, I’ve found a lot of weather app features are limited to the US (and while the Environment Canada weather app is actually fantastic with respect to its weather information, the UX leaves much to be desired). I’ve even found Weathergraph’s visualization quite helpful when it comes to planning my day—something about the weather graph just ‘clicks’ for me in a way hour-by-hour forecasts never have.

I have a small widget on my iPhone homescreen that shows an 18-hour forecast, and a 2 1/2 forecast displayed when I actually open the app. Where Weathergraph really shines, though, is on the Apple Watch. This app is the reason my preferred watch face has switched from Infograph (the 8 complications make almost every other face feel totally inadequate) to Infograph Modular. It’s become easily my favourite app on the Apple Watch.

Hopefully some others have tried Weathergraph, and can weigh in. If you haven’t, it absolutely deserves a look.


Yep, I also use it daily. It’s the only app where I said “how useful it is to have a weather widget”.

Glancing at numbers on the homescreen and lockscreen widgets feels like a burden, but glancing at a graph curve feels like it gives me instant info without having to think about what those numbers mean.

The dev just added integration with Apple’s newly released Weather API (old but improved DarkSky), but I haven’t tried it as I didn’t find the need to upgrade to Pro yet. Living in a non-US country (Romania) means I don’t have access to Nowcast or similar high-resolution forecasts, so the most useful Pro feature is lost on me.

I tried it a few times after hearing multiple times from Michael Tsai. But I have to say the iPad app is barely usable. Even the main graph doesn’t scroll well.

There was a version that had a bug in the scrollable graph, you might have tested the app right when it happened.

It’s definitely fixed now and scrolling seems to work without any hitch.

It’s not just scrolling though. I tried the new version again it’s smoother but still definitely not 120Hz smooth.

The entire layout on iPad looks comical. If you try to multitask with it in any way it becomes clear the iPad version is just an afterthought. Although Hello Weather is not particularly optimised for iPad either, it doesn’t look broken as Weather Graph.

I’ll check on it in the future as it looks like a promising app.

Looks like a good app, I’m very serious about the weather (I live in the UK, it’s a legal requirement for being British). I have two questions I can’t see answers to on their website:
Do they show the UV rating for the day? (I couldn’t see it on their list of complications so I’m guessing not?)
Do you know where they get their weather data from? It’s really hard to get accurate forecasts in the UK. Carrot using Dark Sky is the best one I’ve found for my little corner of the world.

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I’ve just tried it and they do have UV - though I write that as an amateur, hoping it’s not more complicated than I expect.

I love the graph view. It’s a clever way of laying out the days weather.

Hi, Weathergraph author here - thanks for the feedback! To be honest, iPad support is right now in ‘it works (and provides great widgets)’ phase, as the main focus is to make it a great iPhone and Watch app. There is a lot of work left to make it into a great iPad app. However, the broken display when multitasking is a bug I plan to address soon.


Hi Pupsino, you can turn on the UV line chart, and you will also get today and tomorrow’s max UV index in the text section (plus you can long press the chart to get a value at any hour).

In the future I plan to add a customizable column into the daily view, and UV forecast is definitely one of the options for that.

As for the data, there is for the free version, premium adds Dark Sky, Foreca (imo best overall), Open-Meteo and the new Apple Weather (which seems to be based on Dark Sky).

Tomas (Weathergraph author)

You’ve done a great job! I’m about to subscribe for the year.

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Hi Tomas, thank you for answering my questions :blush: I think you’ve convinced me! I will give Foreca a go as the data source as well, I don’t think I’ve tried it before.

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Thank you both! I hope you’ll like where the Weathergraph will go during the next year :slight_smile:

Thanks for the iPad fixes. It’s working much better now.

Hi Tomas, what’s the difference between the Yearly Pro and Forever plans. Your website does not show the details.

My interpretation - Yearly Pro is annually renewable, Forever is a one-time purchase.

I’m trying the 7-day Yearly Pro trial - if I like it, I’ll cancel Yearly and purchase Forever.

As long as the Yearly Pro and forever are exact same then I’m looking at Forever too.

Functions and features are the same (unless I’ve missed something)

@tomaskafka Looking for option to show the weather on another location. Like Work. Home.

It’s not possible but the dev said somewhere it’s going to be added.

Now I’m convinced the widget is better than Hello Weather, other than the lack of location settings. The graph in the main app could use some padding on the bottom so the scroll bar doesn’t block the timeline.

After the new update today the app is also asking for feedback almost every time it’s opened. A bit annoying.

I emailed the dev - he’s planning to add locations in the autumn, after IOS16 has settled.

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