Web meeting using BlueJeans - how to capture computer audio?

I’d like to play some audio for my students, but BlueJeans isn’t capturing the computer’s audio. This despite having loaded their audio driver, and even selecting it as the output in Audacity, the program that is playing the audio.
Ideally this would be seamless and work if I play a clip in Keynote, YouTube, etc.

Thanks for any info.

If you’re asking in spite of the software not working, I would suggest Loopback 2. It’s kind of pricey, but so convenient.

I use it in online teaching all the time.


Thanks, yes, a workaround for BlueJeans.

Do you use it with BlueJeans?

Can you, say, play an embedded video in a Keynote and you and the students hear the audio?

I admittedly am not familiar with BlueJeans, but I have used it with Blackboard Collaborate (ancient garbage is the nicest thing I can say about it), NewRow (web based classroom), and all of the usual video conferencing systems.

Basically I have routed embedded videos, youtube videos, itunes, spotify, audio interfaces, DAWs into my class room.

You can download it and play with it for up to 20 minutes a session before it injects some janky noise into the feed. Here is a link to it:


There’s a replacement for the now gone Soundflower audio routing driver called Blackhole which I’ve been using to route system audio to Audacity. Seems to work well.