Web Service Failing to Connect - Drafts 5

I have been attempting to use the ESV bible API to create a drafts action that will pull in bible verses based on highlighted text. I have made this work using workflow but it would be nice to have it integrated and not have to leave the drafts app. That being said, I have tried and tried to get this code to work but nothing seems return a successful response. Every time I run the script I get a -1 response from the http.request.

Here is what I have for my code. I have striped everything down to the bear minimum at this point

var http = HTTP.create();

//I took my token out for obvious reasons. 
var credential ="1234";

var response = http.request({
	"headers": {
		"Authorization":"Token "+ credential	
	"data": {

if (response.success) {
  var text = response.responseText;
  var data = response.responseData;
else {

I have tried other web services from drafts and had no issue. I also took all this data and ran it from an Ajax function from my browser which had no issue and I ran it through a couple API tools as well just to make sure the issue wasn’t server side.

Any help would be appreciated.