Web site design app for iPad?

Any recommendation for an iPad software to design (and if possible upload) web sites?
I have the domain and hosting. It’s a very simple personal site - I don’t want to self-host WordPress nor pay a subscription.
I found an app called « HTML Egg » but the few reviews are abysmal.

I have been using Coda from Panic for years. It is not so much for design but certainly for coding and editing websites.


Thanks Christian. I was looking for a WYSIWYG tool with responsive design.

In general I would recommend staying well away from those WYSIWIG editors - they tend to produce terrible code and a substandard experience for users.

I use Coda a lot also, works perfectly for my needs. I am mostly using it to code php so definitely don’t need WYSIWYG!

You guys are hard core! It’s just a page with my favourite quotes. I coded it in HTML a long time ago and now looking for an easy way to update the 2000 look. I guess I’ll look into CSS courses!

Learning code does no fix the conditions you have set. Or am I missing something?

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Thanks Bowline. Unfortunately all these apps have monthly subscription.

Use the iOS WordPress app. It improves weekly. Try the new Gutenburg editor. WordPress also has many free themes to plug your page(s) into.

Free is advertisement supported …

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