Webcam cover for Macbook Pro (doesn't damage screen)

Hi MPU community, I wanted to get a webcam cover for my Macbook pro, but since the space between the screen and laptop body is so tiny (when the lid is closed), I can’t find a cover that doesn’t break my screen. I think it should be thin enough to fit there without damaging the screen. Know a few people who broke their screen with plastic webcam covers on MBP.

Any suggestions that worked for you?

I’d try something like this.

Stickers will be thinner than those sliding covers I assume you meant.

Thanks. I don’t want to be removing and putting them back. I feel a sliding cover would be more convenient.

I use a page markers.
MacBook Pro

iMac Pro

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I tried doing the cover thing and it never really worked.
I now use the oversight app from

it warns me every time something wants to activate the camera and blocks it until I agree.

blockblock, knockknock and oversight are really nice tools to help monitor what’s going on.

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Are applications and different types of malware able to bypass that in any way?

Most people seem to be against software-based solutions in that regard. As a side note, a lot of Chrome OS computers nowadays have hardware-based camera covers built right in.

Personally, I would go with a page cover. In any case, traditional camera covers will be too thick and (like you said) cause damage to your laptop, but page covers are much thinner and won’t cause any damage to your laptop. :slight_smile:

I’ve used the thin, sliding, ones on my last three MBPs (15”, 16” and M1 13”) and never had any issues with screen damage. I bought a pack of 10 of them off Amazon. Never had any issues.

I’ve found low-tech to be the best solution for me, a banana sticker.

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Surely, you mean an apple sticker?

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If you use a backpack or anything that could cause pressure or squeeze the MacBook, I would skip everything other than tape/sticker. Speaking from experience.

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Yeah, that’s what I am afraid of. I do carry it in my backpack every day

I think Monterey OS will have this inbuilt right?

Absolutely. Any software with sufficient access could bypass it. Whether it’s actually been done is a separate question.

It’s possible to tell that the camera is active by default, and Apple suggests not covering it for other reasons. But yeah, if somebody wants to cover it I’d suggest something like a Post-It flag. :slight_smile:

I believe so, but I’ve stayed with oversight anyway just to make sure I get a notification when the camera hardware activates. With all the bugs in IOS and Monterey (even though that;s still beta) I’m not taking chances