Webcam recommendations or tips?

My main Mac these days is a Mini, but I still take part in a fair number of web conferences, and it’s getting to be a bit of a pain to either drag out the old laptop every time or not be able to talk and be seen. Does anyone have any recommendations for a low-cost webcam with mic that I could clip to the top of my display? Any tips or gotchas for using those?

I’ve got an Aukey 1080p Camera which is cheap and fine, and a Logitech BRIO which is rather more powerful and better - but much pricier!

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Not a camera but a great app to enhance the image quality. BeIde the funny effects you can crop (zoom). Change color temperature, hangs focus etc

I’ve used iGlasses in the past and, while it has a lot going for it, I find that it consistently uses a significant amount of CPU (typically around 25%). Have you noticed excessive CPU usage as well?

I owned an old version of iGlasses and found it was killing my RAM and CPU.

I don’t recall having a problem with it.
Assuming one is not 24/7 in a video chat and is focussed on the conversation rather then doing other work on the computer that requires processing power it should not be a problem that iGlasses uses some of the computer resources.

Off topic but related:
Does any one know about a audio processing app to enhance the audio for video / audio chat applications?

I no longer have my Macbook open and near my desk. It’s now in clamshell mode and rests in the BookArc by Twelve South behind the monitor.

Any suggestions for a good quality webcam? or video setup?

  1. Used for Skype / Zoom sessions with friends, family, etc
  2. Future use - instruction videos, Youtube channel, etc

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