Webcam shockmount?

I don’t use the built-in webcam on my iMac because it’s just too high up (and looks bad). So I have a Logitech c290 on a desktop mic stand. But I’m told that it bounces a lot when in use (because if I touch my keyboard, trackpad, etc. the whole desk shivers.) I would like to get an arm with a shockmount (like you get for microphones) but can’t find one. Does no one else have this problem? Do you have a recommendation?

Check Amazon for mic stand adapters. I’m guessing one of these will let you attach your camera to a shock mount.

Yes, I just tested an adapter on my cheap microphone mount, and put my C922 on it, and pounded the table, and it was pretty steady. Yours should have the same sized hole in the bottom. I usually have my cam on my external monitor that uses a heavy monitor arm, so it is normally shock-proofed that way.