Webcams VS Imac camera- and how about blurring the background?

Hello there! I am an online course creator and I am wondering if fellow MPU’s have any thoughts about adding a webcam VS using the one in my imac? AND, what i would really like to do is create the blurred background effect that one can achieve with a DSLR- with a webcam. Is this possible at all? Thanks for your help and suggestions!

I’ve been using the Logitech C930 (1080p) webcam for Zoom and Skype meetings for years and have been very happy with it overall. The quality is better than the camera that’s built in to my iMac (5K, 2015), it has a wider field of view, and it’s more configurable (e.g. it has hardware zoom).

I’ve toyed with the idea of upgrading to the Logitech 4K Pro Webcam. If I were buying a new webcam today this is likely the one that I’d go with, even though its rather pricey.

For shooting course content you’d likely be better off with a DSLR, especially if you want a soft focus background. I haven’t come across any dedicated webcams that offer this facility. Depending on what look you’re going for, you might also consider a green screen.

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Opinions on this matter are as many as there are people in the world, is my experience.

I’ve worked with video production and editing for a couple of years now, regularly hosting live streams for co-workers, and have tried three methods so far:

The onboard iMac camera (can’t remember its proper name… iSight, perhaps :thinking: ) was the first solution I used simply because it was there, and even though it did the job I really wasn’t happy with the overall result.

So, next up was combine my iPhone with a piece of non-Apple software, in order to use it as a webcam.
I figured the result would be great on account of the quality of the camera hardware (it should be noted that this was back when I had my old iPhone 6+ - I haven’t tried it with my iPhone 7+).
The problem with this solution was a serious amount of lagging video stream for the participants.

The last solution I’ve tried, which is also the solution I’ve stuck to, is using a DSLR which gives the quality I prefer for my streams (1080p) without any lag what-so-ever.

I would therefore have to recommend using a DSLR if you’re looking for ways to add HD or even 4K content to your online courses.

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The only way you can have a limited depth of field is by using a longer focal lenght and wide aperture. To my knowledge there are no webcams with longer focal lenghts that will allow you to do this. Alternatively you could use a DLSR with a 50 or better yet 85mm lens.