WebChatGPT makes ChatGPT competitive with Google Search

In another thread we discussed the current limitations of ChatGPT since its training ends in 2021 and it cannot search the Internet.

I have been using this Chrome extension for a couple days and must say I am quite impressed - my instinct for an initial search often is now to go to ChatGPT rather than Google - or at least to search both.

This extension runs a web search and then automatically uses that as part of the input to a ChatGPT prompt. The result is a current internet search summarized in a narrative paragraph with working accurate links. Truly superb.

It can only retrieve 10 responses at a time; I am hoping the author can extend that which would likely require combining multiple queries given the limit on how long a ChatGPT prompt can be.

I have found this to be quite useful both for regular personal searches and also for professional/technical searches.