Webhost for my existing wordpress blog?

Hey everyone,

Webfaction was bought by godaddy. Godaddy still feels icky to me. Anyone have a hosting service they like that isn’t a billion dollars but isn’t slow? Also, the more turnkey, the better.


Dreamhost: a little less high performance, but turnkey.
Arcustech: managed, developer-first hosting. Doesn’t have one-click install applications but support is personal and very good, and the price is cheap for managed.
Opalstack: Google says this is basically Webfaction and developed by ex-Webfaction employees. :slight_smile:

Webhost service - especially shared hosting - tends to drift downwards over time. Price is important, and you don’t list price. Domains hosted per $, and various features all differ. It’s hard to offer suggestions if you don’t know or don’t say what your needs and budget are. Most people will have limited experience with a host or two, and more sophisticated users with more experience are usually paying a lot more for different products, andmight not have experience with the tier you’re considering.

A fair starting point would be evaluating the top choices by PCmag based on your needs.

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I’ve been with Dreamhost a few years. No complaints. With my hosting account, I can host unlimited domains.

I’ve recently set up a couple of Discourse instances on Digital Ocean. Not as turnkey as Dreamhost, but necessary for Discourse, as it requires a virtual machine.

I’ve been really happy with Reclaim Hosting.

My blog has been on a shared hosting plan with Hawk Host for 9 years. With the exception of a couple week period a few years ago when they migrated their New York City servers to an improved datacenter, and had a rocky transition, it has been rock solid. It’s also way faster than the other host I used (Site5) for several years for my family site (so much so that I moved all my sites to Hawk Host a year or two ago). I found them back in 2009 through recommendations over at the Web Hosting Talk forums.

I assume your mileage will vary based on the amount of traffic you get. At one point I was getting about 75,000 page views a month, back when I wrote regularly, if that helps give an idea of how their shared hosting plans handle traffic. That data is several years old, though, as my site is an occasional pastime for me now. So I can’t say if it would handle traffic the same now.

You can turn your wordpress into static site, and host on Netlify for free. WP2STATIC.


I also digital ocean or Linode are cheap options that perform well that have step by step instructions for Wordpress installs. May be a bit technical

I’m very happy with siteground.com. It just works.

This is a works for me post.

Currently, I use Cloudways in conjunction with DigitalOcean for my WordPress managed site. …small site, low traffic $10 a month. Fast and up most of the time. Reasonable response time to email queries. Transfered my site from Studio Press when ownership changed… Migration was straight forward.

Avoid GoDaddy, Blue host / Network solutions like the plague.

A great professional hosting company is:

That’s where i’m trying to move, but their domain verification is not working for me and I’m about to give up and find something cheaper that doesn’t have this kind of hassle.

Call their tech support.
Move your domain to hover.com

Domain is at hover. But I have to use a third party server to verify my domain with Mediatemple … I’ve either done it wrong or it hasn’t propagated yet. I hate the internet.

For domains I use name.com. No claims of cheap wonderfulness but so far no irritations. I find it difficult to find references to hosts , because of lucrative affiliate commissions. My confidence issue not necessarily youurs.