Websites for MPU Listeners, Advanced Beginners, and those who want to go deeper

I suspect that most everyone here knows about MacStories, Daring Fireball, iMore, and whatever popular Apple Rumors du Jour sites are around.

What I am much more interested in is collecting a list of websites which are perhaps not as well-known, but important/essential reading for keeping on-top of Apple related news without the “fluff” that iMore now includes or the firehose of anything vaguely technological that you’d get at the Verge, Ars Technica, etc.

For me, there are three sites that I think every Mac/iOS Power User ought to read:

  • Michael Tsai - Blog — The best website for actually curated news about Mac and iOS. Not only does he do great round-ups of actually important stories, but he’ll actually go back and update them as well when new information comes to light. Run by the developer of SpamSieve, EagleFiler, DropDMG, ToothFairy, and more. If I could only read one Mac/iOS site, I think this would be the one. (Sorry Gruber, Federico, et al.) Mostly because when something of significance comes up on one of those sites, chances are Michael is going to link to it.

  • Objective-See — I’m so glad that Patrick Wardle is on our side, because I’d hate to have him as an enemy. Patrick is some kind of wizard as finding security holes, and he shares them (responsibly) with the Mac/iOS community. He doesn’t post often, but when he does, it’s probably something you want to know about.

  • The Eclectic Light Company - Macs, painting, and more — If you want to know about important “under the hood” changes in macOS, Howard Oakley‘s site is the place to go. He also released a lot of free Mac apps that do a whole host of things. He also regularly posts about art. Now, I have nothing against art, but it’s not my interest, so I just scroll past those in my RSS reader. Ideally I wish he’d offer an RSS feed for just Mac/iOS stuff, but I’m willing to scroll past the non-tech stuff because the tech stuff is that valuable.


I’ll toss in a couple of underappreciated sites related to Mac/iOS users:




I really like Kirk McElhearn’s blog in part because it has theatre reviews, photography, etc.

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Anybody got any site out there that JUST deep dives into the stock Apple apps? And when I say deep dive, I mean cover every nook and cranny. I think we ALL tend to miss great features ‘cause someone dangles a new shiny object at us from two isles over and we run towards them waving our wallets.

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Not free, but I highly recommend the non-DRMed ebooks from Take Control Books. They all have free pdf samples you can check out.


THANKS bowline! Now we getting somewhere.

Bookmarked! These are great resources.

A reminder that if you join TidBITS you get a 30% discount on all Take Control Books as part of your membership benefits.

There are a ton of other discounts, too.


Another one, just out this week, on Catalina’s post-iTunes media apps. (And the ebook is 50%-off for anyone who bought any of the previous Take Control iTunes books.)