Weird Bluetooth garbling issue

I have PowerBeats Pro earphones, and I have a weird issue.

Basically, I switch these between my Mac Mini / iPhone / iPad as needed. While it’s connected to my phone, I’ll walk out of my building to go to my car, do laundry, etc. - and at the point where I would normally lose Bluetooth contact with the Mac my PowerBeats start acting like I’m connected to the Mac and moving out of range (garbling, choppiness, sound stops playing, etc.).

But they’re not connected to the Mac at that point. They’re connected to the phone is my pocket.

And if I hit “play” again without moving, it doesn’t work properly. But if I walk another dozen paces and hit “play” again, the audio is perfectly fine - and stays fine the whole time I’m out doing stuff.

Any idea what might be going on here?

I’ve actually experienced the same when my airpods are connected to the phone and I leave the house to take the dogs for a walk. They start acting like they are out of range and then a few feet further away it’s fine.

Could it be bluetooth LE connection attempts with other devices acting up?

Same here – AirPods – except bluetooth connected to Apple Watch. Even when the phone is with me this breakup occurs.

I assume it is an issue with the Watch or iPhone handoff between home WiFi and the cellular network.

Annoying because in both cases (Watch and iPhone) the AirPods are playing music downloaded to the device, so network handoff should not affect anything.

That’s kind of what I feel like is happening - the devices are getting out of range of other devices, and that’s making them goofy. But of course I have no idea how I’d even begin to solve that problem.

That would be interesting to test - disable the wi-fi and/or cellular and see if it still happens.

Same happens with Overcast. My take is disconnecting from house WiFi and connecting to 3G.

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