Weird directory listing

Take a look at this directory listing. This is a listing of a SMB network drive. Anybody know what this is all about? Looking at the directory in Terminal the list seems correct.

Versions for iCloud’s (or other’s) previous version functionality

I don’t think so. For one thing the files should be numbered contiguously from 1 to 266, and the terminal listing confirms that.

Mystery solved (at least partially).

For some reason some of the files are being tagged as quarantined. Clearing the extended attributes cleans up the list.

Now, why are those files being tagged?

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Whom is quarantining the files?

Btw my first reply was missing a question mark.

I figured out that Preview is adding this attribute. There are discussions here and there on the internet but nobody seems to have an answer.

Are the .jpgs actual images that you recognize as yours – something you know when and where they were captured?

I’m scanning them myself. They’re old family pics, some of them in pretty tough shape. Those are the one that I take a peek at with Preview, and Preview adds the quarantine attribute. Weird, yes?