Weird iMessage Behavior

I had to restart my MacBookPro. I had a bunch of iMessages that were sent out between yesterday and today. They show up on my iPad and my iPhone normally.

For whatever the reason after I restarted all messages sent today disappeared from my macbook pro.

How do I get them back?

Salam Abouna
Did you try to sign out of iMessage and back on MBP?

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Salam Mina,

Not at all. I just had the Mac auto-close everything as it always does. It turned on and only some messages came back, but the big portion of last night and up until 2pm are not coming up on the MBP.

I’ve checked all items and not sure why this happened.

Update - I quit iMessages and turned back on. All the messages that were working from 2pm-5:30pm disappeared.

Odd thing I just found…in iMessages preference, the box for “keep messages in iCloud” was unchecked.

I signed out and signed back in. Authentication Error. Then the app reset, auto-logged in and just says “Downloading messages from iCloud”

Just give it some time and it should get your messages back.
Let me know how it goes please.

Gave it a 3 hours so far, left my computer on the entire “still downloading from iCloud”

The strange thing whenever I am texting someone after I respond to them on my mac, the conversation disappears fully. (It stays on my phone, but disappears on the mac until they respond again)

A part of me wants to reformat/restart but don’t want to go through lots of hassle.

I’m still wondering if you tried signing out then sign in again?

Several times. My iPhone and iPad are perfectly fine. It’s the mac that’s the issue.
Also interesting bug as well.

Messages > Preferences
Enable this account is checked.
I tried to uncheck “messages in iCloud” (an attempt to see what’s going on)

When I try to uncheck it gives the option to Disable this device, all devices, or cancel. No matter how many times I press “this device only” it doesn’t accept. It’s stuck in some weird loop.

I tried going through a few tutorials online, in resetting the message and cleaning some things in the library. But so far, it looks like all messages from July 4-now are gone for some people.

I am going to try a Time Machine restore as a last resort, but want to give it an entire night, maybe something with “just work” and re-sync it all up

After several attempts of the following.

  • signing in and out of all devices
  • turning on/off icloud
  • turning on/off imessage
  • multiple restarts on all devices
  • rebuilding the iMessage data on the mac
  • time machine restore
  • ccc restore
  • countless hours on reddit, forums, google searches

the conclusion I reached, there’s something off about Mojave and iMessage sync. If I turn off and disable all devices (Message>Preferences) from the Mac (because for some reason, it won’t allow to disable only “this” device) then everything begins to work normal again. But since it turns it off on all devices, I go back to my iPhone and turn on the iCloud sync again, which automatically re-enables the mac iMessage sync via icloud again, and then it breaks, gives an error, quits, and removes recent messages.

I heard in the Apple forums that this is supposedly fixed in the Catalina Beta, they have been aware of it since Mojave was released, but haven’t provided fixes, probably because not many users experience this error. I am not willing to mess around with a beta on my mac. I can wait till the final release.

For those who have this error, if you ever have additional fixes, let me know. But I hope the info helps out for anyone who has the same issue.