Weird iPhone beeping

Last night my iPhone 8 started beeping, the beep that happens when the charger is plugged in or out. No rhyme or reason to it and it was intermittent. Got up and turned on the light, verified the cable was plugged into both the phone and the wall charging cube properly. Couldn’t find any notifications or hints. Tried to get back to sleep. Bing again. Do not disturb didn’t help. After a few more rounds it quit beeping but I am at a loss as to what was going on or what was happening.

FWIW we did not have any power flickers or outages that we were aware of during that time.

And for those who are about to comment on why is your phone on the nightstand next to you. I have to be available for emergency calls for several folks and cannot just turn it off since that is the main phone. It’s also my alarm clock when I need one about 6 times a year.

Any ideas?

I did reboot from full power off this am just in case.

Is it possible that the female socket for the Lightning connector on the cable is not seating tightly? Maybe has some lint in it?



It could be lint in the Lighting port. It can get really packed in there and cause issues similar to what you’re describing and it’s also really difficult to detect unless you (carefully) dig it out with something non-conductive.

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A good old can of pressurized air helps with cleaning out the port.


Checked this am, nothing visible, so checked under hubby’s electronics microscope still nothing I could see but I used canned air to blow it out. Will see if that changes things. I use an Otterbox case and seal the little flap over the socket unless actively charging the phone.


OogieM, I would add, the power cord may have a slight break in the wiring. I had this happen some time back. Found it by plugging everything in, and SLOWLY working my way from one end to the other slightly bending the power cable. Bing! Found it. It was damaged right at the power module. Bought a after market bradded cable online,