Weird issue: Same Finder windows are visible in every desktop

At some point I must have done a “defaults write” terminal command or installed something which has changed the Finder (Mojave) but for the life of me I cannot figure out what app or preference is causing this: when I open a Finder window, it persists across desktops/spaces. In other words, I can’t have different sets of Finder windows open in different desktops. All of my open Finder windows are the same across all desktops. If I open or close a window, it open/closes across all spaces.

I’ve gone through all my preferences and apps, and I’m totally stumped. Does anyone have any idea what might have caused this?

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Right click Finder in the Dock->Options and make sure that “All Desktops” isn’t selected?


Yep! That was it. That was totally unintentional, because I don’t even remember setting that option. Thank you so much, that was driving me crazy.

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