Weird Safari problem

I have a weird problem … general problem, not RW or Elixir related. If I’m using my iPad with Safari to go to my own website … it won’t! Other websites are fine.

The message essentially says “… server stopped responding”. However, when I try to access my website via computer then all is fine. But same problem exists on my iPhone. What could possibly cause this weird behavior?

The problem exists using either Safari or Chrome iOS.

Also found that if I turn off wifi and turn on cell service, then connecting to the website works just fine. Turn back on wifi and stops working.

Sounds like a routing table problem. Not easy to trace and fix, sadly.

What does this really mean in terms of actions. Is this something that resolves itself over time? So the solution is I simply wait? That would be fine. Or is it likey to be something actively persistent and can’t be resolved until I take some specific action?

Wild guess, but something in your control. Perhaps try a different DNS service provider, and also try using a VPN that “pops” out on the Internet at some other city/country … hence bypassing the probable routing problem.

Many thanks for your suggestion. I did try changing the DNS but that did not fix the issue. I may just need to contact our internet service provider on this one. But if there are other suggestions then I’m all ears. Don’t need to fix this even this week … since it only impacts 1 website.

Try putting a single quote before the address.

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Ellis: That worked! Thanks so much. But, of course, my question is WHY did this work?

When I entered the address with a single quote it first took me to a google search where I found my website, then choose it from the list of options, and my website opened just fine. But “why” it works … I have no idea.