Weird Screenshot Behavior - Is there a .plist to fix?

On Big Sur 11.2.3…

If I use Shift-Command-4 to take a screenshot, the crosshairs is stuck and will not move with my mouse. It works fine however on a different User Account on my Mac. It also works fine on the main user account if I use Shift-Command-5 (the entire screenshot app) rather than Shift-Command-4 (screenshot a selected area).

I checked my Keyboard/Shortcuts settings and chose Reset.

I rebooted my computer.

Other ideas?

Is there a .plist related to the Screenshots function that I can delete to fix it as is common with Apple software?

My sledgehammer approach to issues like this, when I cannot find the source of macOS misbehavior, is to boot into safe mode and run the maintenance set of clean-up utilities in Onyx.

FWIW, shift-command-5 can be configured to do a portion of the screen by moving the capture window around and resizing it. I usually use shift-command-5 by default because it offers much more control that the other screenshot options.

Good points - thank you

I am using shift-command-5 now and agree it has benefits - but the downside is that you need an extra mouse click to finalize every screenshot.

Ok let that be my worst problem :slight_smile:

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I found this article which lists a few things to try.

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