Weird Shortcuts behaviour, Taskpaper and Omnifocus

I’ve got a couple of shortcuts, I use them solely on iPadOS at the moment.

When I run them, they Ask for some Text and then for the due date. They then add that information into some taskpaper text and import it into OmniFocus as a new Project.

They were working great, and then at some point I tweaked them by change the date variable from a text field to the date picker, and now whenever I run them from a Widget Shortcut, it asks me the questions, opens shortcuts and asks the same questions again, and then sometimes offers me two options which seem the same to be added to OmniFocus. It makes running from the Widget pointless.

I had to put the date field back to text anyway as taskpaper and OmniFocus need it in in that format to do date maths, but it’s still asking twice.

The Shortcut is really Simple so I can’t understand what’s happening.

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